Friday, February 22, 2013

Amelia Earhart

Winter storm is coming to a close and I have finished this great biography of a truly interesting life.
The author spent 10 years of research and you feel she had a personal interest to the life of A.E. The author's grandmother was a flyer and a member of the Ninety Nines an organization formed by Amelia Earhart for female flyers.
She was a strong advocate for equal rights for women. She loved adventure but always stayed focus on the rights for women.
I learned so many interesting stories of our history. Her connection to Eleanor Roosevelt, Gene Vidal, her work in Social Service and nursing. Her life journey was filled with concerns for others along with her desire for adventure!
Who knew...she even designed clothing for women. I did not! Did you?

She was the author of books, worked at Purdue University, Cosmopolitan magazine, wrote poetry. And planned flights in airplanes in the beginning of aviation creation. Wow. So i felt the need to watch Amelia with Hillary Swank and I found it used for 2.99! Looking forward to it seeing it again.
I leave you with a fragment of one of her poems

Into new depths,
Pulling aside old shadows
Spun by night
To show again the lovely living colors
Of your sunlit sight.

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